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Laser Hair Removal Barbican

Laser Hair Removal Barbican

Laser Hair Removal Barbican

We are Pulse Light Clinic, a leading laser hair removal and laser tattoo removal company in the Barbican, High Street Kensington and Greater London area. We offer safe and effective hair and tattoo removal services using the latest equipment and technology.

Our laser hair removal methods are more effective and less painful than IPL. Laser is recognised as the most cost effective and successful method of permanent hair removal so contact us today to find out more.

Laser Tattoo Removal High Street Kensington

Many of us have made decisions that we regret and if you have a tattoo that you no longer want, we can help with our laser tattoo removal services. We use a Lynton Luminette Q-switched laser to remove tattoos safely and effectively. Our laser tattoo removal techniques can make all sizes and colours of tattoo fade away.

Hair and Tattoo Removal Greater London

We are committed to offering exceptional results, competitive pricing and individual advice to all of our hair and tattoo removal clients. We offer free consultations and free test patches if you wish to feel what the laser treatment is like before you start treatment.

For laser hair and tattoo removal experts providing the highest standard of treatment, very experienced staff and the latest technical equipment, look no further than Pulse Light Clinic in Barbican, High Street Kensington and Greater London.